This property was already a large detached single-family residence located in relatively spacious grounds. The area is dominated by similar properties very close to the location where the iconic “Faulty Towers” was filmed before the old building was demolished and replaced by two dwellings.

It had already been extended with two poorly designed flat roof extensions with cast iron balcony rails to each side.

Externally the property was to be extended with two first floor extensions, one over the existing flat roof garage and the other over the existing study and utility area. Both of these extensions would extend the 1st floor to the existing house considerably.

The property was also altered cosmetically to improve its overall appearance. This was achieved by changing the windows and the balcony edge protection. The cast iron railings were replaced by a clean line continuation of the external wall and finished with a painted steel top and mid rail.

The scheme was heavily objected to by three of the four surrounding neighbours on issues relating from loss of light to over development of the site. However the Planning Department considered that the design “synthesized” well with the existing building and that the character and appearance of the building would be retained within the surrounding area.

Internally there was a considerable amount of structural alteration to produce the “wow factor”. The whole side of the existing building and part of the rear wall was removed to facilitate the 7m wide bi-fold doors. This was achieved by the insertion of two steel portal frames that replaced the strength of the masonry that was removed.

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"This project consisted of two first-floor extensions and cosmetic changes to the appearance of the property"

Front entrace pre-work

front view before

Rear after completion

rear view after

Rear before completion

rear view before